Kirby Cove Campground

Kirby Cove Campground

Kirby Cove Campground
Kirby Cove Campground

Kirby Cove Campground

Brief Introduction:


Golden Gate Park :

Area:1,017 acres (4.12 km2)
Opened : April 4th, 1870
Visitors Annually   :24 million
Open: All year

first Superintendent              : William Hammond Hall

Run By                                  :San Francisco Recreation & Park Department

Location                               :San Francisco, California United States


Golden Gate Canyon State Park:


Golden Gate Park


Golden Gate Bridge Park:

It’s the world’s most beautiful bridges, there are many different elements to the Golden Gate Bridge that make it unique. With its tremendous towers, sweeping cables, and great span, the Bridge is a sensory beauty and engineering wonder featuring color, sound and light.

Bridge Length: 8,981′

Construction Started:January 5, 1933

Inauguration: May 27, 1937




Facts of Golden Gate State Park {Bridge} :

  • The bridge is not golden at all! It’s a bright red orange.

  • It was named one of the Seven Miracles of the Advanced World.
  • It required four years to fabricate.
  • There are around 600,000 bolts in every one of the extension’s pinnacles.

Parking Near Golden Gate Bridge:

Golden Gate Park Parking
Golden Gate Park Parking.
  • Vista Point parking lot (east side)
  • North Tower parking lot (west side)
  • Langdon Court Lot (aka Overlook Lot)
  • Merchant Road Lot
  • Employee Lot
  • Lot D, Lincoln Blvd.
  • Fort Scott Lot
  • Welcome Center Visitors’ Lot
  • Battery East Lot
  • Hamilton St. Lot, Crissy Field
  • Fort Point Lots (2)

Free Parking at golden Gate Bridge:

  1. Langdon Court Lot
Langdon Court Lot

2. Merchant Road Lot:

Merchant Road Lot:

Ocean Beach Parking :

otherwise called Incredible Roadway Leaving, is for nothing and obliges both norm and curiously large vehicles.

The guest parking area likewise has a couple of ADA parking spots. Transports run each 15 to 20 minutes between the free part and a few areas inside the recreation area.


South-east Side Visitor Parking Lot: This parking area has a range of visitor services, including a gift center, gardens, and an array of scenic vistas.

Parking is metered ($0.25 per 15 minutes) with 37 spaces, including 26 general spaces, 6 bus stalls, and 3 accessible spaces for visitors with disabilities that have disabled placards.

On weekends and holidays ONLY, additional parking may be available in a nearby satellite lot on the southwest side at a rate of $5 per day.

Kirby Cove Campground for more do scroll down

Sf Japanese tea Garden:


Japanese Tea Nursery furnishes guests from around the world with a chance to encounter the regular excellence, serenity and congruity of a Japanese.

Initially made as a “Japanese Town” show for the 1894 California Midwinter Worldwide Composition.

site initially spread over around one section of land and exhibited a Japanese style garden.




When the fair closed, Japanese landscape architect Makoto Hagiwara and superintendent John McLaren reached a gentleman’s agreement, allowing Mr. Hagiwara to create and maintain a permanent Japanese style garden as a gift for posterity.

He became caretaker of the property, pouring all of his personal wealth, passion, and creative talents into creating a garden of utmost perfection.

Mr. Hagiwara expanded the garden to its current size of approximately 5 acres where he and his family lived for many Decades.


The Tea House & Gift Shop at Japanese tea Garden are the center for its Visitor to experience the taste of Japanese tea and to Explore the Valuable Ornaments of Japanese culture.

Timings: Open Every day, Winter- 9AM – 4:45PM, Summer -9AM – 5:45PM

Fee at Japanese tea Garden:



(November – January)

(February – October)




Seniors (ages 65+ w/ID)


Youth (ages 12-17)


Children (ages 5-11)


Children (under 5)


San Francisco Residents and Veterans it is Free.


San Francisco Botanical Garden :


San Francisco Botanical Garden, unique  gardens in the Whole world.

8,500 different kinds of plants from around the world are present in Botanical garden.

List of gardens at glance:

  • Mesoamerican Cloud Forest
  • Southeast Asian Cloud Forest
  • Andean Cloud Forest
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Temperate Asia
  • The Mediterranean
  • California

List of cool gardens at glance:

  • Moon Viewing Garden
  • Fragrance Garden
  • Rhododendron and Camellia Gardens
  • Ancient Plant Garden
  • Succulent Garden
  • Redwood Grove

Navigation For Botanical Garden:

Main Entrance and the North Entrance, either one you can choose for entry.

While Entry if you pick broacher and map of site than it will be more helpful in exploring the site.

 1.  The Fragrance Garden


2.  The Waterfall Garden



3.  The Moon Viewing Garden


The Moon Viewing Garden are often used by couples for wedding reception & Dates.

Above gardens are Most Visited by Tourist.

To Book the garden Need to contact to authority of garden.

Fees at Botanical Garden:



(November – January)

(February – October)




Seniors (ages 65+ w/ID)


Youth (ages 12-17)


Children (ages 5-11)


Children (under 5)


San Francisco Residents and Veterans it is Free.


Conservatory of flowers:



The Conservatory of Flowers is a greenhouse and botanical garden.

That Has a collection of rare and exotic plants in Golden Gate Park.

It began in the year 1879, and it is the the oldest building in the golden gate park.

It is comprised of wood and glass, with a colossal assortment that is partitioned into five unmistakable portions of tropical blossoms and plants from everywhere the world.

Fees at Conservatory of flowers:



(November – January)

(February – October)




Seniors (ages 65+ w/ID)


Youth (ages 12-17)


Children (ages 5-11)


Children (under 5)



San Francisco Residents and Veterans it is Free.


Stow Lake:


Stash Lake is a man-made lake with an island in the center, concealed in Golden Gate Park .This beguiling little lake, with its pedal boats, cascade and Chinese structure, is one of local people’s number one spots.

The vast majority of the vacationers have been coming to Stash Lake to cruise around on the boats, walk the lush ways and watch the ducks and turtles.

It is likewise accessible to Boat choice.

Snack bar: open daily, 11 am to 5 pm.
Boat rentals: Mon-Fri, 10 am to 5 pm., Sat/Sun, 10 am to 6 pm

Last boat rental at 5 pm.

Charges of Boat Rental:


Rowboats:  $26 per hour

Pedal boats (2-4 people):  $32.50 per hour

Large pedal boats (4-6 people):  $45 per hour


Mon-Fri: 10 to 5, Sat/Sun: 10 to 6.

Last boat rentals 1 hour before closing.

Life jackets are provided for all and required for children under 12.

Types of Boats

Rowboat or pedal boat? Both are popular ways of getting out on the water and exploring the lake.

Rowboats: The new boats are fiberglass and hold up to 3 people. (Dogs are allowed on board again.)

Pedal boats: These pedal-powered boats come in two sizes: 4-person and 4-6 person. The new ones have a stick for steering, instead of the steering wheel like the old boats.

Electric boats: some of the pedal boats are also electric, so you can use them either way. The sole electric boats aren’t available anymore.


California academy of sciences:


The California Foundation of Sciences is an exploration organization and regular history gallery in Golden Gate park San Francisco California.

One of the biggest galleries of natural history on the planet.

The California Foundation of Sciences was established in San Francisco in 1853. It is perhaps of the most renowned organization in the US, and one of only a handful of exceptional foundations of innate sciences in which public experience and logical examination happen at a similar area.



Following the far and wide obliteration of the Foundation structures by the Loma Prieta tremor in 1989.

A counsel for this new structure was held. The present Institute sits on the Golden Gate Park site of its ancestor, which was involved 11 structures worked somewhere in the range of 1916 and 1976 and gathered around a central court yard. Of these structures.

three have been monitored inside the new venture: the African Lobby, the North American corridor, and the Steinhart Aquarium.

The new structure has kept up with similar position and direction as the first, every one of the capabilities spread out around a central court yard, which goes about as entry hall and crucial focus to the assortments.

This association point is covered by a Concave glass Canopy with a reticular construction suggestive of a cobweb’s, open at the middle.

Joining presentation space, instruction, preservation and examination underneath one rooftop, the Foundation additionally contains regular history exhibition hall, aquarium and planetarium.

The fluctuated states of these various components are communicated in the structure’s roofline, which follows the type of its parts.

 California academy of sciences Timings:

Museum Hours :

Public hours
Monday-Saturday: 9:30 am-5 pm
Sunday: 11 am-5 pm
Thursday NightLife (21+ with ID): 6-10 pm

Members-only hours
Tuesday: 8:30-9:30 am
Sunday: 10-11 am

Monday-Saturday: 10 am-4:45 pm
Sunday: 11 am-4:45 pm
Thursday NightLife (21+ with ID): 6-7:45 pm.

Fees at California academy of sciences:

Adult ticket (18 to 64 years): $37
Child ticket (3 to 17 years): $29
Seniors ticket (65+ years): $32
Student ticket (18+ years): $32

Children below the age of 3 years enter for free.


De Young Museum:


Opened in 1895, De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park is quite possibly of the biggest public workmanship organizations in San Francisco.

The historical center is home to painting, form, and improving expressions from the seventeenth to the twenty-first hundred years, from Africa, the Americas, and Oceania.

De Young Museum Visiting Hours

Open Tuesday – Sunday
9:30 am – 5:15 pm


De Young Museum Fees:









Child ticket (up to 17 years): Free entry


De Young Museum Parking:

De Young Museum doesn’t have parking of its own.

A set number of road stopping spaces are accessible inside Golden gate Park and along Fulton Road,

Paid parking is available in the Music Concourse Garage , which you can access from Fulton Street or the 10th Avenue entrance. 

The garage is open seven days a week from 7 am to 7 pm. 

The parking charges are $5.25 per hour from Monday to Friday, and on weekends, it is $6.25 per hour.

Kirby Cove Campground:

Kirby Cove Campground
Kirby Cove Campground

Kirby Inlet offers an unblemished coarse-sand ocean side with stupendous perspectives – when it’s not hazy – of the famous Golden Gate Bridge and northern San Francisco, including the memorable Presidio. The inlet is settled at the foot of the rocky Marin Headlands and has ocean side access.

A precarious, mile-long path to the inlet starts at the stopping region above Battery Spencer on Conzelman Street. The way slides through a masterful forest of Monterrey pine and cypress and Blue Gum eucalyptus. Beach front savvy and vivid Lupine dab the slopes.

Temperatures are gentle all year. Expect lows from 50-55 degrees and highs from 60-65. Haze is common in the late spring a very long time from May-Sept. It is ideal to bring clothing that can be layered. Lightweight summer garments are seldom agreeable to wear at Kirby Inlet.

It offers five overnight camping sites and one day-use picnic site.


Activities :

  • Camping
  • Day Use Area
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Picnicking
  • Birding
  • Historic & Cultural Site
  • Water Access

Amenities :

  • Beach Access
  • Pit Toilets
  • Food Locker
  • Tent Pad
  • Picnic Table
  • BBQ
  • Fire Pit
  • Accessibility
  • Accessible Parking

Fees :

Group Picnic Area


Tent Only Nonelectric



Kirby Cove Campground

Things to do in Golden Gate Park:

1 Walking

2 Golf

3 Biking

4 Hiking









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